If you are in Kyiv on a short visit, then exploring Kiev with our company is the best way to use your time.

If you plan to stay in Kiev for several days, then in three hours we will show you the must see places, in the most liked of which you can return and explore them on your own.

The cost of the tour is 68€ for one. Plus 10€ for each subsequent person.
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Kyiv city tours

1. Brief information about the city of Kyiv.
Kyiv is the capital of the state in Eastern Europe, which has a long history. According to legend, the city was founded by the brothers Schek, Khoriv, ​​Kiy and their sister Lybid and named after their older brother. The official date of foundation of the city is 482 year. For more than 1,500 years of history, Kyiv (in Russian transliteration "sity of Kiev") has been the capital of many states, and now since 1991 it has been the capital of the independent state of Ukraine - the largest nation in Europe in area with a population of about 42 million inhabitants. About 3 million people live in the city itself, and up to five million in the Kyiv agglomeration.

Geographically, the city is divided into two halves - the left bank and the right bank of the Dnipro River. Administratively, the city of Kyiv is divided into ten districts. The left bank began to be built up in large numbers in the 60s of the last century after a dam was built on the Dnipro River, which stopped the destructive spring floods. These are mainly sleeping areas. The right bank of the Dnieper is considered the ancient part of the city, where most of the historical and architectural monuments are located. Therefore, tours in Kiev are carried out mainly on the right bank, unless the tourist wants otherwise.

2. Private tour in Kyiv (central part).
Kyiv Old Town Tour
In Kyiv, there are hundreds of travel companies offering a variety of city tours. But all these tours require quite a lot of time and cover any specific topics or locations. To explore the city, whose area is more than 800 square kilometers, it takes several days or even weeks. Our small family company decided to satisfy those tourists who do not have much time to explore the city, or want to first get to know its main attractions by car, accompanied by an English-speaking guide, and then return to the places you like most on their own. A personal English speaking guide will meet you in a convenient place for you in the city and drop you off back anywhere you want.

3. Private tours in Kyiv (distant parts of the city).
If a tourist not constrained in time, then in addition to our Kyiv city tours, we can offer the following tours:
- Pirogovo, which takes more than 5 hours, or better, the whole day, since its area covers more than 150 hectares;
- The State Aviation Museum next the second largest airport "Zhulyany" covers territory of 20 hectares. The museum is composed of 70 exhibits - airplanes and helicopters of the Soviet period in the history of Ukraine;
- Driving military vehicles and shooting military weapons. The shooting range is located outside of Kiev. Local private tour guides will accompany you there;

We will do our best so that not only you like our tour, but that you or your friends want to use our services again.

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During a three-hour tour around Kyiv (English guiding) in a comfortable car you will see the most iconic city's sights: